Yamaha p 115 full size 88 key portable keyboard

Yamaha P115 is a portable digital keyboard from the house of Yamaha, which is a market leader in piano technology. Even though it is a portable piano, it works almost like a conventional acoustic piano. Hence it is the dream of many people to own this piano. It has a GHS weighted keyboard whose key action emulates that of the acoustic piano. Along with this , there is also the fact that the piano sounds of this keyboard are a reproduction of the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano.

When it comes to the sound quality, Yamaha P115 has a pure CF sound engine that was initially used in the Yamaha P -225 piano. This produces clear and crisp sounds with a wonderful resonance feel to it. It also has 14 other instrument voice options which make it sound really authentic. The sound effect of the instruments includes sounds from instruments like three grand pianos, three organs, three electric pianos, vibraphone, strings, harpsichord and wood bass. It also has a reverberation sound effect which makes the sounds much more significant and expressive, thus acting to stimulate an acoustic environment.

The piano keys are sensitive to touch and hence the sound produced depends on how hard you touch the keys. The instrument further provides you with the option of adjusting the level of touch according to your playing style. Four settings are available for this purpose. These are the soft, medium, hard and fixed.

Yamaha P – 115 is quite compact and hence looks similar to that of the P -45 key board. The piano measures 52.2 inches long, 11.6 inches wide and is 6.4 inches in height. This makes it possible for the keyboard to fit into a small room. You can also place it on a desk in order to connect it to a computer.