What Causes Skin Tags?

how to remove skin tags

Skin tags are very common and as per an estimate every second has a skin tag on his body. Since the skin tags benign in nature, medical researchers not doing any deep study on the growth of these masses of skin growths. However, there are certain reasons that may lead to the growth of skin tags:


Heredity considered as one of the major causes of skin tags. Though they appear mostly for middle-aged people, they could also happen due to genetic factors for babies when both parents having skin tags.


Changes in the range of hormone levels during pregnancy will cause skin tags in females. Usually pregnant women will suffer with hormonal changes that will lead to the cause of skin tags. They may appear under the arms, under the breast and on the neck. But the important thing about skin tags occurring among pregnant women is that they usually disappear after the baby delivered. If pregnant women feel that skin tags are irritating, they can be removed medically during pregnancy without any complications.


The link between skin tags and obesity has also been studied. When you are suffering with obesity and over-weight then, you are at a greater risk of developing tags due to over-weight. However, there is no in-depth study in this regard, but from observation this tendency has been seen that obese people have more tags than normal weighing people.

Other Causes:

With the above-mentioned causes, there are even other causes that enhance the growth of skin tags. It is not clear what causes skin tags on neck and other regions of body exactly? The major cause of skin tags is the friction between the skin and the clothing. Often tags are seen in the folds of the body like under the arms, groin folds, under the breast etc. This means the fact, that skin tags arise where skin rubs against the skin. Other than is hormonal changes and genetic factors are also responsible for the growth of skin tags.

Though skin tags are benign in nature, they act like discomfort on your skin surface and, are also not liked aesthetically. Hence, people wanted to get rid of skin tags by using some methods like freezing, burning or tying them off with a thread.