Track Your Employees Activities During Work Hours Using Spy Application

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If you are the owner of a business, then you know how important efficiency, productivity and motivation are. It can really be hard for business owners to know about what employees are doing unless they use cell phone monitoring software. So, what are your employees doing during work hours? Are they actually working or just wasting time? Let us discuss about it briefly here.

What Are Your Employees Up To?

With the invention of smart phones and various applications, employees are easily distracted during work hours and hence, working hours are getting wasted with the use of mobile phones. According to survey, 66% of employees use mobile phones several hours a day during working hours. Thus, smart phones became a reason for most time wasted activities at work.

Many jobs nowadays involves being at a computer all day. With this, it is really difficult to stop the unnecessary web browsing activities of employees. Common things employees do online include shopping and watching videos.

What Can Employers Do About This?

The main cause of time-wasting activities at workplace is well known to be use of smartphones. The easiest way to solve this issue by using cell phone monitoring software. Choosing the right spying application plays a crucial role, which means some applications will support your needed features and some are not. The TruthSpy application will support all tracking features and hence, you can download The TruthSpy application to track your employees

The spying application you can download in smart phones and can distribute to all of your employees and now you can easily monitor them whether they are working sincerely or wasting time.

By using cell phone monitoring software, employers can see the following activities:

  • Text Messages
  • Emails
  • Social Media Activity
  • App Usage
  • Call Logs
  • WhatsApp and other Messenger chats
  • Phone GPS Location
  • Web Browser Searches

When employer able to monitor all the above activities of employees, the he/she can remove the employee wasting office hours from the job. When business owner able to monitor all employees, their work productivity and efficiency will likely increase.