Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have made life easier for people these days. The machines were initially invented for cleaning carpets. Then the first domestic vacuum cleaners were discovered. But during the pre world war period, vacuum cleaners were considered items of luxury and only the few privileged ones had access to it. But after the world war they became common even in the houses of middle class people.

The first vacuum cleaners designed for domestic purpose were too heavy and people found it difficult to carry them while cleaning steps. With time, new technology evolved and now one can even opt for hand held light weight vacuum cleaners which can be carried anywhere. People these days are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a good vacuum cleaner. Some of the top rated and most preferred vacuum cleaners are listed below

Top rated vacuum cleaners

  • Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright vacuum cleaners – This cleaner is found to be the best in the range for cleaning a wide variety of carpets and even hard wood floors. It has a suction wand which can be easily released and can come in handy for cleaning fine pet hairs, dust particles etc. The ball makes it less likely to topple over and with the wand, one can reach the most tricky places like under the furniture, ceiling fans etc.
  • Dirt Devil Upright vacuum cleaner – This is an affordable vacuum cleaner suitable for those on a budget. It costs as less as $50 but is very much efficient. It is light in weight and has a detachable hose which can be used to clean the hard to reach surfaces
  • Bissell pet hair eraser cordless vacuum, 1782 – Bissell pet hair vacuum cleaner is rated to be the best cordless vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for homes with many pets or small children. The vacuum cleaner can help scoop up pet hair, food stuffs and other debris even in some hard to reach places.
  • iRobot Roomba 880 – This is one of the robotic vacuum cleaners that is quite efficient in cleaning all types of floors. They are completely automatic and can perform all the tasks by themselves. They navigate and even reach the trick areas to clean the floors.
  • Eureka bag less upright vacuum cleaner – This machine has a floor nozzle which can even dig deep inside carpets and under the furniture to clean them up. One can adjust this device for five settings and it is considered to be the best among the available vacuum cleaners