Tips To Choose Best Sewing Machine For Beginners


Learning how to sew can be very difficult, especially if you choose wrong machine. Before buying any sewing machine, you should identify few criteria’s that will help you determine how to choose the best sewing machine for beginners. For instance, if you like to focus on sewing clothing or accessories you might want standard computerized machine that can handle various stich settings.

You will find numerous standardized sewing machine and cheap sewing machine in market to cater your different stitching needs. Typically, if you buy wrong sewing machine, you will face troubles like lack of speed, tangling or breaking of bobbin thread, lack of decorative stich options and machine parts may break just after few uses. All these barriers will make a beginner sewers to get frustrated that they might quit sewing. So, here are few tips to choose the best sewing machine foe beginners.

It is always best to start with mechanical sewing machines. As mentioned beforehand, there are computerized and electrical sewing machine available and it is obvious that you thrive to buy those but it is recommended to start with mechanical model why because, you don’t want to confuse yourself with too many options of stitching when you first start sewing. It is best to focus on learning basics from good basic machine. Perhaps, mechanical sewing machine can be backup when your electronic machine has some problems and it away for about two three weeks for repairing.

If you like to patch up your cloths, create button holes or adjust hem of garment then you can consider buying mini sewing machine, it will have 10 built in stiches, automatic threading capability and allow you to sew multiple layers of light material. If you would like go beyond general sewing, then probably you want more versatile sewing that can be used for intricate design and fashioning your own clothes. If designing is your sole purpose, buy machine that offers atleast 25 stitches, sewing speed control, stich length and width setting and easy start and stop button.

Once you have chosen which type of machine you would like to buy, now you have to narrow down your options by your budget. Since there are so many sewing machine for beginners to choose from, you will probably end in confusion. Go through user reviews for the product and machine’s rating before investing your money.