SR 9009 – A wonderful SARM

Most of the people these days are on the lookout for ways to increase their physique. They are able to achieve this by training smartly, having the right type of nutrition and supplementing their health with clean products. Stenabolic or SR 9009 is an efficient SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator which works effectively to improve endurance, facilitate fat loss and boost energy levels.

When it comes to knowing about the working of SR9009, it is found that the compound works by activating and binding the structure of proteins together. This further increases the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells which can in turn boost endurance and muscular strength. A recent study reported that stenabolic improves the energy production by up to 50% which goes on to imply that people consuming this compound can actually work longer and with higher intensities but with lesser effort.

It is found that stenabolic boosts the resting metabolic rate whose mechanism works by helping the body to convert additional calories into energy before it is stored as unwanted fat. Stenabolic increases the glucose and lipid metabolism within the body. It causes a decrease in blood triglyceride levels. It also produces a reduction in the breakdown of cholesterol within the liver.

SR9009 helps in achieving weight loss by maintaining the resting metabolism at a higher level. This in turn results in weight loss.SR 9009 acts by controlling blood glucose levels which further controls the blood insulin levels. If insulin is utilized effectively, it builds muscle mass by driving amino acids from the blood stream into the muscle tissue. It also boosts muscular endurance which is a wonderful aspect for weight lifters who often suffer with increased fatigue which in turn can be a limiting factor for their workouts.