Learn How To Prevent Ordinary Scratches From Auto Glass

Have you ever wondered how your car will regularly get scratches causing you to look for scratch removal methods. There can be multiple reasons for the cause including your car wipers, small stones or outside debris. The scratches can look horrible especially in bright sunshine, you should not ignore if the scratch is too deep and big and you will never know when the whole windshield glass will shatter.

No matter how careful you are with your car glasses, it will get one or few scratches sometimes. Although some scratches may not bother you, as they are out of vision but deep scratches will turn out to be your worst night mare ever, in such cases you need to look for glass restoration process. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you prevent ordinary scratches from car glass.

Start with a clean windshield: If your windshield is very dirty, help your wipers out by cleaning off dirt with clean cloth. This way your wiper blades does not drag the debris across the glass which can cause scratches. Make this as a part of your routine to wash off windshield or wipe off wiper blades.

Run wipers on wet windshield: It is not wise to run the wipers on dry and dirty windshield, before running wipers, ensure there’s an ample of moisture on glass.

Keep your washer fluid tank full: The only way to make sure you never need to run wipers on dry windshield is to keep your washer fluid tank full. Check the fluid levels on regular basis especially in seasons where you need to anticipate lots of wiping.

Replace worn out wiper blades: Wiper blades are used frequently and that means they worn out with time. To avoid the scratches on your car windshield, regularly check wiper blades to ensure they are in proper working condition, if they are not then you need to opt new blades.

Don’t ignore scratches: If the scratches are minimal, you can remove them on your own. Use an acrylic scratch remover or buff the glass with cerium oxide. If the scratches are too deep then you have to take professional help to fix it.

Completely replacing the whole windshield is an expensive move, making all this above steps as a routine will ensure you have a fine scratch less windshield.