Is A Coffee Grinder Must For Fresh Flavourful Coffee

Owning a coffee grinder is far better than upgrading the coffee maker. A great coffee grinder will provide you with wonderfully tasting coffee. The coffee from a coffee grinder will be rich with flavours and is quite delicious. With a coffee grinder you will be able to brew coffee that rivals the one found in your favourite coffee shop. A strong coffee grinder is essential for a great cup of coffee.

Pre ground coffee is nothing but stale coffee. The pre ground coffee powder emanates a stale smell which people who have experience of drinking freshly prepared coffee can easily differentiate. Stale coffee does not have any flavours. It falls thin across a person’s tongue. Freshly ground coffee can comprise of flavours such as those of Blueberries, cinnamon, brown sugar, apples and some other exotic flavours.

When ground coffee comes in contact with oxygen, a slow breakdown of organic molecules takes place which in turn leads to the destruction of fresh or tasty flavours and even textures. This process is called oxidation. In case, coffee powder is exposed to oxidation, it causes aromatic oils present in the coffee to evaporate. These oils are responsible for some of the very good flavours and textures such as those of fruity and floral flavours.

Coffee manufacturers are of the opinion that coffee stays fresh just for a period of thirty minutes after it is finely ground. Whole coffee beans on the other hand remain fresh for two weeks or more after they are roasted. Most of the people do not like to have a sip of stale coffee because they are used to drinking fresh coffee out of a coffee grinder. Hence a coffee grinder is a must have appliance for every coffee enthusiast. The coffee grinders further comprise of two types. These are the blade and the burr type of coffee grinder.