Intelligence Quotient Tests

Intelligence is the main factor which most of us have an opinion of. Intelligence is the most valued human asset, to determine the intelligence thousands of people take up the Intelligence Quotient test every day. IQ is an acronym of Intelligence quotient. IQ tests are taken in order to assess the ability of thinking logically and deductive reasoning to solve the variety of problems.

IQ tests are basically taken to know how smart a person is. The tests will give you an idea on how well a person can make use of his knowledge at some certain professions. The whole idea of an IQ test is to measure the potential ability of a person’s brain to gather up the solutions for the different issues. The intelligence of a person is compared with a group of people who fall under the same age. It is a basic method that is being used to evaluate the human intelligence.

An IQ of a person will be calculated by the scores obtained from the different set of tests. After completing all the standard tests, the IQ score will be provided. People who will score within the range of 100 are considered as a person with average smartness and those who score above 130 are known as genius. Many people around the world have obtained high IQ scores, Some renowned scientist have scored high number in IQ tests. Albert Einstein and Stephan Hawking’s are the two persons who had the highest IQ scores among the scientists.

Stephan Hawking is considered as one of the greatest mind of our time. There is no necessity of introduction to Hawking, he was an author, professor and a theoretical physicist. Hawking took up IQ test when he got to know about the disease he was suffering from. But, Hawking never revealed his IQ score among any one. Many studies have summarized Stephan Hawking IQ score Is 160 which is equal to the great scientist Albert Einstein.

There is nothing to do with hawking’s IQ score, he was viewed as a symbol of intelligence and knowledge. Hawking have contributed so much to the world of science despite of his physical disabilities. There is no doubt that he was a smartest person on Earth. His researches and study will reflect his intelligence.