How To Use Garden Weed Killer?

Weed killer can be harmful when you use it in a wrong way without following the necessary instructions. When it is used properly, it provides the best result of maintaining your beautiful garden. It is harmful to pets, garden wildlife and even children and hence, used with much care. Most amateur and professional gardeners use weed killer, particularly hobby gardeners so there are some guidelines that should be followed if you are going to use it.

Garden weed killer can be purchased in lot of varying forms such as gel and granules but the most common well-known is in the form of a pump trigger spray that comes in a container with a dispensing trigger. Ensure you follow the instructions that come with your weed killer which are normally printed on the side of the plastic container. There are some additional instructions that should also be followed and are mainly common sense and are definitely worth remembering to make sure that you are using it safely.

Don’t use excessive amounts of weed killer by thinking that it will work better to get rid of weeds, as it will kill your needed plant vegetation in addition to weeds. Instruction guide will even specify the amount required to be used to spray on weeds and hence, use it accordingly.

Action of weed killers is much effective and using it more can be dangerous. It may spread to neighboring plants if used excessively and can harm the life of such plants as well as absorbed by nearby vegetation that may be growing to eat which results in causing illness. When applying weed killer try to wear protective clothes like gloves and also a face mask if you are using it in windy conditions, as it could blow into your mouth which may also cause illness.

Make sure that you are using the right product for doing right job. For instance, use compare and save weed killer to kill weeds growing on patios, walkways, fence lines and gardens. Depending on your need, buy the right product. Another example is when you use Glyphosate-based weed killer, it will kill all plant life that it comes into contact with whether that is weeds, your lawn or your prized flowers so do not use it on your lawn and only apply it to plant life that you want to kill.

It is very crucial to take care of children and pets from such harmful chemicals and make them stay away from the treated area initially and check the weed killer instruction guide, as they will give information about the timeframe for when the area is free for them to come back into contact with. There is huge choice of weed killer products available and you can purchase from most shops or online stores that sell gardening equipment.