How To Connect A Soundbar To Computer

One of the great way to get the best audio experience without having any hassle of bunch of speakers and wires is to get a soundbar. Unlike traditional speakers, the soundbar doesn’t requires several speakers within a room to get an optimum sound performance. The soundbars can be used for both TV and computer depending upon your requirement. Soundbars are great way to get the better quality of sound.

Soundbars are simple and inexpensive and mainly it doesn’t contain all the frustrating wires. Soundbars are vastly better than inbuilt speakers of a TV or computer, it is perfect choice if you are most likely to get a better sound with movies and video games. The soundbars are slim, compatible and very easy to connect it to the devices, you need not posses special skills to connect the soundbars to computers. The following are some common methods to connect soundbars to computer.

Using Bluetooth connection (wireless)

The best computer soundbar are those which will allow you to connect the device wirelessly. Power on the soundbar, if the speaker is battery powered insert the batteries and press power button or if it requires a power source then plug in to wall socket and turn on the soundbar. The soundbar needs to be paired with the PC bluetooth connection, you will have to press some button on soundbar to make it discoverable by your computer. Turn on the bluetooth in PC and connect to the soundbar. After successful connection, all the audio will be automatically routed to the soundbar.

Using AUX cable

Power on the soundbar, this procedure will remain same for every method for connectivity. Take AUX cable and plug in one end of cable to computer’s sound port that is usually seen at front of CPU of computer and plug another end of the cable to the soundbar. Once the connection is made, windows will automatically detect the soundbar and plays the audio.

Using Toslink cable

Toslink cable are also known as optical cable. For connecting a soundbar to PC you need to power on the soundbar first. If your computer has toslink port you can make use of optical cable to connect, insert one end of the cable to soundbar and other end to the optical port of computer. After connecting the PC will simultaneously detect the device and enables the audio to emit through soundbars.