How To Become A Canadian Resident

Every year thousands of immigrants file applications in order to immigrate to Canada. In order to immigrate to Canada, people have to fill long application forms and should submit various documents based on which they will be selected. Statistics show that every year around 200,000 people enter Canada as permanent residents and the number is increasing with each passing year. On obtaining permanent residency in Canada, the candidate receives a permanent Resident Card and he or she can enjoy the same privileges as the citizens of Canada.

However it is not an easy task to obtain permanent residency in Canada .It is a daunting process and quite time consuming as well. Also the process undergoes a change every year and it is difficult to keep oneself updated about the rules .To obtain permanent residency status, individuals can apply under one of the six categories for immigration ways. These categories comprise of the Skilled worker class immigration program, business class immigration program, provincial nomination, family class immigration program, Quebec selected immigration program and through International adoption.

In order to become a Canadian resident through the skilled worker program, a candidate has to be graded based on a score of 1 to 100.He should be able to achieve a minimum score of 67 in order to qualify for the process. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their education level, age, arranged employment, work experience and language ability. Also a person should be healthy and he or she must not have any criminal record in order to qualify for the process.

When it comes to the prospect of becoming a Canadian resident through the business class program,, candidates can choose to apply as an investor, entrepreneur or a self employed person. To apply through the investor program, a candidate must show records proving net worth of around C$800,000and he should be ready to invest C$400,000in the Canadian economy. To become a Canadian resident by applying for an entrepreneur visa, a candidate must have a net worth of $ 300,000 and he should be experienced enough to operate a business and create at least a single full time job within three years of becoming a full time resident. To apply through the self employment program, a candidate must establish a business that will create employment opportunities for the people in Canada. In case of provincial nomination, a province nominates individuals if you apply to settle in a particular province.