Features Of A Cell Phone Spying Software

Cell phone monitoring software is a program that is used to conduct spying on someone’s mobile device activities. With phone spying app, you can able to monitor other suspect’s location, calls, texts, emails, photos and videos among others. In order to monitor all these features, cell phone monitoring software need to be installed into the target’s phone. Spy software got different features and let us have a look on them:

Remote Monitoring:

This means you are going to monitor the suspect through a wireless connection. You don’t to worry about the location of target and source to be in the same location in order to monitor them. Soon after the installation of spyware onto the suspect’s phone, you don’t have to stay nearby to monitor the activities. Hence, data will be sent wirelessly over to the main control regardless of the parties’ individual locations.

GPS Tracking:

Here, the spy phone app monitoring software uses the GPS system of the target’s phone to inform about where the device is geographically located. Hence, you can able to track the device’s real-time movements as well as you can see the recent movements. You can view these details on a map and, they are very accurate.

Internet Browsing History Access:

In addition to other details, user can able to see all the browsing websites of suspect, which means overall browsing done by suspect. You can able to access the browsing history remotely to the dashboard where all the details are contained.

Monitoring emails:

All electronic mails that are sent to and received by suspect can be easily monitored with the help of cell phone monitoring software. You can see almost all the details like the content of the email, the sender or the recipient of the email and on which date the email was sent etc. This is of prime importance, if the e-mail contains needed information.

Access to Files stored on the Phone:

If the suspect stored some of the files in phone’s memory, then you can able to access it all. Files can be of anything like videos, photographs, contact information, documents, calendars, music and so on. This is possible only the files are store on the phone’s storage.

The above-mentioned things are few important features of cell phone spying software and in addition to the above, there are some other features which is based on their capabilities.