Emergency Dental Clinic

According to experts in the dental field, emergencies in dental clinics are not a common affair. It can be an unexpected event in people’s lives such as emergency due to an accidental or wilful body injury, depression or causing due to an injury in the central nervous system etc. Sometimes respiratory and circulatory systems and also allergic reactions lead to dental injuries which require the services of an emergency dental clinic. But dentists should be aware of the steps to be taken to prevent, diagnose and manage emergencies in an effective manner.

Dentists in an Josey Lane Dentistry emergency dental clinic should also train their staff appropriately so that they can act swiftly in case of emergencies. As everyone knows, these emergency skills are not put into use every day. Hence dentists and the dental staff in the office should review their skills periodically. For this reason, dentists can conduct mock emergency drills in their office. These drills can increase the confidence level of the staff and prepare them to handle emergencies in a better manner. All these can help in providing emergency dental care and to recognize and respond to emergencies in an effective manner.

An emergency dental clinic should have resources in place to prevent medical emergencies from aggravating. They should have an action plan to recognize the symptoms of distress in a patient and provide appropriate treatment. The clinics should also have drugs and equipment in place that can be used in case of an emergency.

Patients may require emergency treatment during or after office hours and sometimes even during the weekends and holidays. Emergency dental clinics should be able to handle patients in such cases. Also patients visiting emergency dental clinics can have episodes of seizures, hypoglycaemia or high blood pressure. The dentist and his team should hence be ready to handle such critical cases with ease. A dental clinic should have an alternate dentist in place who can be contacted when the original dentist is unavailable or has left for the day. Dental societies often organize group on call facilities to help patients visiting emergency dental clinics. In these cases a team of dentists are available on call during odd hours and they participate in helping the patient out of a dental emergency situation.

These on call dentists usually offer the same terms of payment as a single dentist and his team during emergency dental care services. It is required that all dentists should participate in this on call service to help even their patients to avail of these services when he or she is out of his clinic.