Digital Signage Player

A digital signage player is nothing but a small digital computer that is used invariably in the advertising industry to display content on any public display system. These players are commonly seen in public spaces like airport terminals, hotel lobbies, digital directories, stadiums and even digital menus. Even though a separate device is available to function as a digital signage player, standard personal computers and tablets can be also used as digital signage players.

Digital signage players or devices that are exclusively meant for this purpose can help in connecting large digital photo frame only to a single display or television in most of the cases. This is one of the reasons why people use PCs instead. PC based players are flexible and can help in better management of several screens. These are widely used in most of the commercial hubs. Numerous types of players are available in the market these days. Information on some of the major types of digital signage players are provided below

  • Indoor Digital signage players – Indoor digital signage players are extensively used in businesses that constantly have to display a list of messages, services and notices to their clients on a regular basis.These player can be used by business owners to display ads and the players are so flexible that one can update them instantly in case changes are required.
  • Digital Posters – Digital Posters make use of high definition displays or HD displays and have a built in media player. They can be manufactured at reasonable prices and hence find widespread use. They however have to be updated manually in case one requires any changes.
  • Digital Menu Boards – these types of digital signage players are mostly used in restaurants, bars etc. These boards comprise of LCD monitors in small sizes. They are these days being used in most of the popular restaurants and bars. Everyone is aware of the changing prices in restaurants these days. If restaurants make use of printed menu cards, they have to keep updating it. This results in increased printing costs Digital menu boards on the other hand can be easily updated as and when the management decides to change the prices. Additionally one can also post offers and discounts which can keep changing depending on the business. Research has shown that this technique enhances sales exponentially.
  • Outdoor digital signages – These are usually placed outside a particular shop or restaurant and they have a LCD enclosure which offers protection from vandalism and theft. These are well suited for businesses which are new and are trying to establish themselves.

Digital signage players can be used for multiple purposes like displaying public information which might be the information related to simple yet important information like weather, news etc. It can be used in a corporate set up to display internal information within a company. It can be also widely used in advertising. These players have also been found to be effective in promoting a brand and building its identity. One can also use them to obtain customer feedback and increase the experience of customers in the long run. These are also used in seminars, conferences and award ceremonies as interactive screens.