Children’s toy reviews

There are many toys available in the market for children these days. Parents often face the difficult task of choosing the right one most of the times. While some toys are just visually appealing, other toys induce a creative streak in kids. Some toys educate the child while helping him to enjoy the playing of the game. Children’s toy reviews are a great way to know about a particular toy. These childrens toys reviews can help in choosing very good toys according to the age and needs of the child.

Alphabet Classroom – This toy features 27 poppable children toys. You have to just press a letter in front of the child and the classmate pops up suddenly to introduce himself or herself, play, show, tell and sing a phonics song. The toy presents seven modes of play and has different challenge levels. It is quite an interactive game and kids enjoy playing it as it emulates a typical class room. In order to help kids with the challenge, makers of this toy have put in a LCD screen with animations, letters and also words. The toy can be turned on and off by pressing an apple shaped button. The toy however takes a long time to shut down as it exits by singing A, B, C you later when turned off.

My First LeapPad – This toy is based on the popular LeapPad interactive book system. These books are very much smaller and open up and down rather than opening from left to right. Children make use of the magic touch pen to activate hotspots on every one of the book’s pages. The initial unit comes with a single book, But one can buy other books separately. Every page of the book offers things like songs, words etc. that is read aloud at the press of a button .When you press the Go button a new page opens up otherwise the device keeps reading the old page itself.