Cell phone Spy

If we look into the history of cell phone spy, it has been used by the government since the cell phone has been invented. Later on, even private agencies started using it and it helped them to solve many unsolved cases. However, it has been used by the general public just recently since 2006. During the initial years of its usage, only few selected model was capable to download and integrate with it but, because of advancements in technology, most phone models today are ready to seamlessly integrate with cell phone spy software.

A cell phone spy could do the complete tracings without any hint to the owner that he is under scanning. No icons, sounds and other messages could be seen in a phone that has this software.

Though the name defines the purpose of this devise, understanding what cell phone spy software could do and its features will definitely be of value.

Cell phone spy software from netspy could track down all the messages that had been sent and received in a particular phone. Therefore, all transactions through text would be very transparent to the investigator. Text messages are not the only things that could be tracked down with this kind of software but also the call history. All missed, incoming and outgoing calls could be traced. Most of the software can also record the conversation. However there are software that has got limited features and it’s advised to read the manual to know the capability before you download it.

There are many new innovations in the recent days and new features are getting added to it regularly. For example, now you have automatic answering device that allows one to listen to the environment undetected by the owner and it helps the investigator to eavesdrop with their partner or employees transactions. Live conversations can also be heard with most of the available software in the market today.

You can even trace the internet browsing pattern of targeted user. This helps an employer to trace whether their employees are really working or has just been socializing in facebook and twitter. All picture taken and videos that has been recorded in that particular phone could also be traced. You should prefer to download software which can be installed in multiple cell phones.

Now anyone can purchase cell phone spy and it is not limited to spy alone. Some people purchase it to provide them a back up files with all their transactions which could really help them when their phone goes missing or gets damaged.