Buying A Complete Skateboard

Buying a complete skateboard can often land you in a difficult situation as there are so many options to choose from. Branded skateboards though are easy to choose are found to be quite costly. If you opt for a cheaper skateboard, it sometimes is not durable and can lead to injuries or accidents. Another factor to consider is that one should not buy cheap skateboards online. It is always better to visit the nearby shop in person to choose the perfect skateboard. Reputed skateboard companies like Ladera Skateboards are also the best choice as they spend a great deal of time in trying to design boards that are better, safer and can last longer.

Complete Pro Grade Skateboard – These cost about $120 and are the best complete skateboards available out there. You can get them online and also in local departmental shops. To choose the right size, one should go by the trial and error method according to experienced skaters. Some of the best options in this range are the Element Complete Skateboard, Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard and the Toy Machine Complete Pro Skateboard.

MiniLogo Complete Skateboards – These brands of skateboards are made of superior quality materials which can enhance their durability. But these are blank skateboards and do not have the vibrant colours or logos that are appealing to players. Minilogo is a part of the Powell skateboard company which is a reputed skateboard manufacturer. They are available at cheap prices only because they lack graphics. They look simple and neat and are the best choice for newbies and casual skaters. They are far better than those that can be obtained from the local shop as they are manufactured by a renowned company.

Cheaper Mid quality complete Skateboards – These are cheaper and are considered good enough for beginners in the field of skateboarding. They are not made in USA however. Positiv range of skateboards by Powell belong to this type. Golden Dragon Skateboards which feature drawings of Chinese dragons also belong to this type. These are found to be durable and of a better quality than the Andy Mac Boards. Their costs vary anywhere between $50 to $70.

Beginner Complete Skateboards for Kids – Kids are usually more inclined towards purchasing boards with colourful graphics. But while considering these, one should not ignore the safety measures. Some of the local boards look great but can break causing injuries to the child. Beginner complete Skateboards for kids available online and in toy shops is made of good quality materials .