Best Food For Dogs With Allergies

Many dog owners are still not aware of the fact that even a dog can have allergic reaction to food. This is similar to the fact that a person can be allergic to wheat or peanuts. If a dog suffers from food allergies, you have to find the food that is causing allergy through an elimination diet. Then you have to switch over to a brand that is free from some of the most common allergens.

Allergies in dogs are very much common these days. However they go unnoticed in most of the cases. Dogs also suffer from food intolerance as is the case with humans. It is quite difficult for people to distinguish between the two of them. Hence it is wise to consult a vet to get sufficient information about the same. If the dog is suffering from a food allergy, it takes a long time to manifest itself and the symptoms are not immediately noticeable. Some of the common symptoms in dogs with food allergies are ear inflammation, itchy skin, chronic diarrhoea and gastrointestinal problems. Some of the common symptoms of food intolerance on the other hand include diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating and gas.

It has been found that are treated with antibiotics early in life are more disposed to get food allergies. Some environmental factors also play a key role in developing food allergies. A vet is the best person to diagnose a food allergy. Even he sometimes advises the patients to try an elimination diet. In order for this diet to be fruitful, one must switch the dog to an entirely new dog food, helpful resources and then they should reintroduce certain ingredients to find out which ingredient causes the problem in dogs. If you do not like to waste time for all these, you can simply introduce a hypoallergenic dog food.