Earlier, small business owners used to find it difficult to promote their business through print banners as the printing costs were high; the overall business cost was high and because of the cost per benefit issues. Those days, print banners were just a dream for small business owners and the entrepreneurs found it difficult to have the opportunity to compete with big enterprises. There was no option of cheap banners either. Many a times, the start-ups have taken a back seat in advertising potential.

The exorbitant costs for banners and the production of banners was very complicated task. Earlier, there is no concept of normal low cost per square foot, but banner printing was meant to be screen-printing production process and outrageous set-up costs. Way back in 1900s, banners with good quality were nowhere cheap. That meant, most of the start-ups could not afford to get a banner with such high investment.

With the evolution of digital printing techniques have enables anyone to have their normal or attractive logo beautifully printed up at a small percent of the original cost that was quoted 20 years ago. Not only banners, if you visit peoriachronicle.com, one can get custom wall decals, vinyl signs and business or personalised signs that portray one’s company logo, announcement of exhibitions, meet ups, birthdays, happy thanks giving sales and fests in its best.

In the early 1980s, people had to worry about size limitations, colour crafting and other hassles that produced quality but reasonable costing was next to impossible. People used to use screen printing or offset printing that was used both timely and inconvenient. Hence, many considered digital printing as a more feasible option.

To display on fabric banners, one has to use dye-subliminal effect that are truly fabulous with attractive and quality prints. Though fabric banners costs higher that vinyl banners, they last longer and are light weight.

The digital printing brought a great revolution in the banner printing industry and changed the process of banner making and the way banners looked like. In the early 200s, complete digital colour printing was accessible and affordable by all. Large format printers played a major role in this. Complete colour options in the 4 CP full menu fashion was the most opted printing solution.